Who Were The Best Dressed At the 2015 BAFTAS – See Why Eleanor Tomlinson & Rochelle Humes Are Two To Look Out For


2015 Baftas Best Dressed

The Bafta awards are more star studded than the Milky Way, and celebrities from around the United Kingdom and the rest of the world come together to witness the celebrations and ceremonies. This year boasted one of the largest clothing costs of all time (over 60 million dollars in gowns alone!), and more than a few celebs were dressed to impress. Here’s a look at some of the best dressed of the event.

Eleanor Tomlinson

Eleanor is the star of the critically-acclaimed new series Poldark, where she plays a moderately mannered British Rose. Her gown at the Baftas turned more than a few heads; and many of those heads belonged to swans wondering why they were so cold. Her feather dress was like nothing done before, and the full length dress was filled top to toe in white feathers of varying lengths. You’d be forgiven for expecting a messy mish-mash of plumage, but the dress was as body hugging as any LBD.

Rochelle Humes

Fans of The Saturdays would have undoubtedly appreciated Rochelle’s stunningly elegant black dress, which showed just the right amount of flesh to keep things classy. The combination of matte black silk and see-through meshing kept all eyes on Rochelle during her red carpet walk, and considering the pending solo career of the singer; she’s certainly upped her sex-appeal.

Rosie Fortescue

Taking the slit-front to a whole new level, Rosie turned up to the Baftas in nothing short of a gown worthy of royalty. The plunging neck line looked set to continue all the way down – but fortunately the designer managed to bring it to a gentle close just below Rosie’s belly button.

Michelle Keegan

The busty beauty literally looks good in anything, so it’s no wonder that designers often fight over having their dresses adorn the television star. To save the beef however, Michelle decided to showcase one of her own gowns from her brand new Lipsy range. The stunning mint shade caught the attention of everyone around, and it didn’t lose any of its pastel-aesthetic as the day grew dark either. Check out Michelle’s range of Lipsy dresses via the brand’s website.

Lucy Mecklenburgh

The Only Way is Essex star took to the red carpet in her usual elegant attire, only this time she decided to wear a subtle orange that really accentuated her tanned skin tone. She also forewent the concern of dress-drag and didn’t mind the fact that her dress trailed for over a foot behind her. It’s all about looking and being classy, and Lucy certainly ticked both boxes on that front.

Alex Jones

This favourite television presenter certainly knows how to strut her stuff. Walking the red carpet in a cleavage-revealing waterfall style dress left plenty to the imagination; but for those close enough to see the beauty up close; it’s no wonder that they had to force their jaws closed.

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