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Many people will look at the phrase ‘counselling’ and immediately assume that this means marriage counselling or group therapy, but this isn’t necessarily so. There are many other ways that a therapist can help people with relationship issues, including career counselling for those leaving professional positions, family counselling for families experiencing some kind of conflict, and there are also many self-help books and materials which focus on relationships. One qualification required for most forms of couples therapy though, is a qualification in counselling or social work.

Level 4 Counselling

The level 4 of counselling is the highest level and the responsibilities and duties of this level are a lot more defined than the levels just below it. At level 4 of this course, the relationship counsellor has the responsibility of assisting the client in creating an individualised programme of support and assistance. This involves meeting with the client, analysing the situation and coming to an agreement about the best way forward, which may involve the client participating in a self-help group, one-to-one counselling, a peer group, working with professionals such as teachers or police officers or anyone else who may have an expertise in this area, and assisting the person to set up an individualised support system, including family members and friends.

In short, a therapist who is level 4 in relationship counselling is able to assist the client in dealing with a number of different and sometimes conflicting aspects of their life. There are different types of therapy which a therapist could offer, but the main areas they would need to be competent in include: family and child therapy, anger management, alcohol and drug treatment, eating disorders, work and employment therapy, work and relationships therapy and even grief and loss therapy. Anyone who is interested in entering this type of therapy needs to be prepared for the fact that it will take time and effort to complete their course, and some therapists choose to only teach a select few subjects. If you are interested and think that you may have some special talents in this area, then you should speak to your prospective therapist and see what they think of your potential for teaching. Becoming a therapist is a very rewarding and challenging profession, and one that takes dedication, hard work, and compassion.

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